Services & Technical Support

Servicing and Technical Support

RBS Ltd can provide you with the complete service, repairs and support for DataMax, Argox and Zebra barcode label printers as well as TEC, , Meto, Intermec, Sato and many more printer and scanner brands and models.

Types of services

  • Printer servicing at RBS’s workshop
  • Printer servicing on site at Client premises
  • Urgent call out - On site
  • Maintenance Service per annum – On site 

Authorised Service

RBS Provides authorized service for Datamax, Argox and Zebra printers. We service most makes and models of barcode printers and Print and Apply labellers/applicators.

We have our own dedicated small team of technicians who can quickly solve your printer problems. Our technicians are continuously trained, tested, and certified, so you are assured to receive the best service and the best technician available.

What do we do?

There are a number of benefits to be gained from regular servicing - saving you time and money on those costly and unexpected breakdowns.

We are a one-stop shop for supply, support and maintenance of all your thermal printing application needs.


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Printer Maintenance:


 Cleaning Platen       Cleaning thermal head     
 Cleaning paper sensor    Print Quality Test prints  
 Calibrating paper sernsor    Checking guide rails  
 Calibrating ribbon sensor    Checking for worn parts  
 Checking for damage parts    Printhead Check  

Pax Engine:

 Printhead check & clean           Case screws     
 Printhead alignment    Body screws  
 Toggles    Calibration  
 Label Sensor    Tear off bar  
 Drive roller    Drive belts  
 Pinch roller    Peel assembly  
 Bearings    Ribbon sensor  



 Air assist tube       Body screws  
 Tamp Arm    Shock absorber  
 Tamp pad    Take up  
 Swing arm    Air pressures  
 Tamp sensor    Peel assay  
 Swing arm sensor    Tamp pad position  
 Bearings    Misc  
 Case screws      


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Auckland office:  09-636 0696 (Monday-Friday 8:00am-4.30pm)